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Jess G. - Colorado 

When the iPhone 4 came out, I went crazy. I just needed to get it, but didn't have any spare cash at the moment. So I searched "free iphone 4" and boom, you guys popped up! In less than a month, I already got my free iPhone 4, a case for it, and 3 $20 iTunes cards! Thank you so much! 

Daniel L. - Georgia 

I didn't think this worked when I first saw this, but when I actually received an iPhone 4 in the mail, I went from being a non believer to a believer. Thanks guys! 

Michelle F. - New York

I'm a huge Apple products fan, and when I heard that the 4th generation of the iPhone came out, I so needed to get my hands on it, but couldn't afford it then. So I found this site, and got it for free in 4 weeks! :) Love you guys!

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